Colorado Coalition for the Homeless – Event Invite

Event Invitation “Words Live Here Too”
2006 :: Circa 65 :: Denver, Colo.

Project Description
Design an invitation for a special event sponsored by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to raise money and awareness. During the event local celebrities read poetry written by homeless individuals.

Conceptual Statement
Poetry is an artistic expression of experience and the words that had been written by the homeless individuals that were to be anonymously honored at this event, were very strong and passionate. The words in the poems became living, breathing beings created and defined by their environment.

In order to share this experience the words were photographed in their environment of origin. Words came alive by being projected and photographed. To add another level of poignancy to the piece the poem selected for the invitation spoke of the invisible barrier between society and the homeless. Though you may not be able to see them, they are there…just like the words themselves.