Bay Delta Center

2008 :: Ricochet Partners
Portland, Ore.

Project Description
Design and implement an identity system for proposed center in San Francisco which mission concerns the sustainability of the Bay-Delta region.

Conceptual Statement
The proposed Bay Delta Center will play a crucial role in the continuing conversation of sustainability within the San Francisco region. By creating an environment in which all sides of the conversation can converse and deliberate about the long term effects (socially, environmentally, and economically) of any action taken in the Bay-Delta region, the Bay Delta Center can push the sustainability of the Bay to the forefront.

The tagline “Let’s Start Here” provides a forward thinking, local point of view to coincide with a “Think globally, act locally” mentality.

The logo in itself is a representation of the delicate balance between the bay and the life dependent upon it, but also representing humanity’s hold upon the future of the natural habitat within the bay region.