Leverage Season 4, Episode 9 – The Cross My Heart Job – Crab-a-Rama

All pieces designed for and featured on the TNT television series, LEVERAGE, Season 4 Episode 9 – The Cross My Heart Job. When an ailing defense contractor steals a heart on its way to a 15-year-old recipient, the team races against the clock to recover it in time… all while stuck at an airport layover.

I was tasked to create a mascot and logo for a cheesy airport seafood restaurant named Crab-a-Rama where the team creates a homebase of sorts for their mission. The crab, delightfully named Saul T. Crab, and logo were big hits and were featured throughout the episode. Other airport support elements were also created and featured.


As they appeared in the episode:


Other elements designed and featured in this episode: